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Gem Purveyor - Direct Importer 

35 years of providing incredible gems to traders, manufacturers, collectors, museums, and the finest stores. Traveling the globe uncovering beautiful gems. Large and small, rare and exotic, bringing them home for you.


Technical expertise from the gem laboratory, to the gem mines, to you. Providing experience and knowledge, the foundations of trust. 

Designer And Manufacturer

In 2003 I established Jeffrey Bilgore LLC for a more personal Relationship with my clients and gems. Working directly with clients and craftsman to develop commissioned creations. One that the owner reaches for with a smile. 

"All the passion and knowledge is shared in every piece with every client." 

Gem Enthusiast

My love of gems drives every effort. The thrill of discovering each natural wonder is the spark, this energy ignites the design. Each gem evolves into a jeweled creation reflecting my passion for natures beauty. 


 “I have been honored to have worked with Jeff for approximately 25 years. Not only do I value his immense knowledge of gemstones but his design skills are brilliant! Over the years I have trusted him with numerous expensive and sentimental jewelry pieces of both my customers and mine, having full confidence that it was treated as if it were his own. I applaud his straight forward honesty and his dedication to strive for excellence whether it be a $500 item or a $5,000,000 one!”

Paula B. Leed – Co-Owner


Andover, Massachusetts

"The numerous AGTA Spectrum and Cutting Edge Awards have not come without due. Jeff has spent the time and effort learning the industry from the ground up as a young man and now the acclaim and prestige associated with his name are certainly earned. I am proud to know him, his passion is unsurpassed in the industry. Here at Eiseman Jewels we have worked with Jeff for nearly 30 years, since his days with Oscar Heyman & Brothers. He has only gotten better. His integrity, designs, quality, and value are simply the best." 

Richard Eiseman Jr.


Dallas, Texas

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Jeffrey Bilgore for the past 30 years. Jeffrey’s pieces put him into the class of a Master Designer. Beyond his artistic talent in creating beautiful and timeless jewelry, I have benefited from his expertise in gemstone purchasing. Jeffrey’s thorough knowledge and strong integrity ensure that I can always offer my customers fair pricing and beautiful creations. I enjoy calling on Jeffrey, because he offers the best possible stone at the customers price point. Jeffrey is responsive and personable. He will go to great lengths to make sure that BOTH retailer and customer are delighted with the purchase and the entire experience.”

Jacob Tuchman

Director of Fine Jewelry


Naples, Florida


From Mine to YOurs

The Gems Journey Begins

It all Begins WIth A Stone...

The Stone is the Center of it All

Nature's Pallet

Wearing a Rainbow

The Story of how I bring the best gems in the world from "mine" to you

The famous Elahera mines birth the worlds most fantastic sapphires.

The famous Elahera mines birth the worlds most fantastic sapphires.




Decades of traveling to the world's finest gem mines and their nearest trading centers. Building relationships and always searching for rare and beautiful treasures to bring home. 


These wonders of nature are often in the most remote of places. For generations, those closest to the mines have always appreciated their beauty and respected these natural wonders. Even in their rough crystal forms. 




Here we see the rough gem masterfully shaped into a work of art. This 21 carat Padparadscha sapphire from Sri Lanka is the pinnacle of gems for the connoisseur.




In this ring the polished gem finds her home. In this "Lotus Flower" design a 6 carat gemstone literally becomes her name, Padaparadscha, the Senegalese word for Lotus Flower.

It all begins with the gemstone...

First to find it.

Second to study and see if the inner beauty is fully released. 


These gemstones are from 10-30 carats. Each gem leads and inspires its design. 

  • 10 ct. oval green tourmaline from Nigeria 
  • 30 ct. Radiant Yellow Sapphire from Sri Lanka
  • 32 ct. Aquamarine from Mozambique
  • 13 ct. Oval Ruby from Mozambique
  • 10 ct. Antique Pear Shape Violet Spinel from Madagascar 

Burmese Spinels

A range of colors showing the journey from rough to faceted. Each stone has its own presence, its own personality. Burmese Spinels from 2-5 carats each with rough crystals. 

                                     Cartier Revisited

                                     Cartier Revisited


Red Spinels are framed by classic design reminiscent of the glory days of the house of Cartier, but updated with a modern accent.

Fabricated by hand with the old world engraving and milgrain accents. The center octagon cut of this amazing Tanzanian spinel is a cut from from the high mark of Parisan lapidary artists(1920-1950). Setting this gem east-west across the finger adds a modern touch. 

A creation with the elegance of the past and the beauty of today.

The earrings are a delicate compliment, beautiful and easily worn night or day. 

                            Finally The Rainbow...

                            Finally The Rainbow...


Presented in sapphire rings Padparascha, blue, yellow, pink natural in every way. All man has done with natures crystalline wonders, is find them, facet them, and fabricate them. 


Australia's Finest


With these two Australian Black Opal gems. The wearer has a rainbow on their finger whenever they wish. A gem opal from Lightening Ridge is like no other gem. Each gemstone uniquely presents the best of every gem, all in one stone. 

When searching for gems the flash of a great opal can catch my eye and stop me in my tracks. The only question is what is the best design to show its magnificence. 

These two rings balance excellence in design, fabrication, and true gems.

Opal Palette 


This Amazing 30ct Black Opal mirrors the palatte's of Monet, Cezanne and Van Gough showing that, in fine opal, mother nature's palette is far superior. The red, green, and blue flashes are intense wisps that look like painted clouds of a summer sky. 

The partial gold and diamond frame delicately wraps this gem in a pendant of simple beauty.